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Sonic Branding

Differentiate your company and your products through science backed sonic logos or soundtracks


Unique music-wine pairing events for wineries, hotels, restaurants, wine bars and corporate settings.

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Our story

The idea behind Soundpear was born in 2021 amidst the Covid-19 pandemic's movement restrictions in Greece.

Asteris had recently become involved in amateur winemaking. He was, thus, keen on combining his new passion with his research on the perception of musical meaning. It did not take him long to realize the many commonalities between wine and sound. For one thing, they manifest through the common vocabulary we use to describe each one of them.

Being aware of the transformative power of music, he reckoned it would also have the power to influence gustatory experiences. And just like that Asteris met the fascinating world of multimodal perception. The scientific evidence was clear: the human senses interact with each other constantly and as a result, the sense of hearing could certainly influence the senses of taste and smell.

In the mind of Asteris, the music aiming to transform a gustatory and/or olfactory experience should ideally be bespoke. Furthermore, he thought he knew the right man to create music to pair with wine. Therefore, Vasilis received an evening call: "How about we make soundtracks for wines...?" That night the foundations of Soundpear were laid.

Since then, Asteris investigates the associations between aromas or flavours with sounds. The findings feed Vasilis' musical creativity to serve a twofold vision: the creation of short sonic logos representing the qualities of various products and the creation of longer soundtracks for enriching gustatory and olfactory experiences.

The Team
Asteris Zacharakis

Asteris is a research associate and adjunct lecturer at the School of Music Studies at the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki. His research interests include music cognition, psychoacoustics and the study of creativity in music. He is also an amateur winemaker, a fact that motivated him to bring his research interests closer to sensory science and multimodal perception. Soundpear is an endeavour to take his research out of the lab and promote the well-being of the wider public.

Vasilis Paras

Vasilis is a music producer, audio engineer and multi-instrumentalist. Having studied Audio Media Engineering at the University of Surrey he has moved on to performing, recording, mixing and producing music. He is especially interested in sound synthesis and design and also in user interaction with digital audio systems.

Alexandra Baspanelou

Alexandra is a chemist-oenologist and wine writer at Athens Voice and at her personal blog Alexandra's Vineyarts. She is completing an MSc in oenology at the Agricultural University of Athens, has attended classes in oenology at the ISVV, University of Bordeaux and has collaborated with Ktima Gerovassiliou, TSANTALIS and Spyropoulos Winery. She has also studied music theory and singing and plays the guitar, the piano and the dulcimer. Naturally, she enjoys pairing wine with music.